Babel JS

JavaScript is a continually evolving development language and dominates the front-end landscape. One issue that developers face is that a new JS release offers fresh features, but the browsers do not yet support the new syntax. Created primarily for ES6, Babel JS allows developers to use the cutting-edge code and then automatically compile into old…… Continue reading Babel JS

PostCSS – Transform CSS with JS

With modern websites being required to work on a plethora of different web browsers, automating the browser compatibility of CSS is incredibly powerful. PostCSS is a development tool, which transforms CSS with JavaScript. Out of the box, PostCSS compiles the basic CSS you write and automatically creates all the browser-specific prefixing. Simply specify the list…… Continue reading PostCSS – Transform CSS with JS

GitHub Offers Free Private Repos

GitHub is the world’s most popular version control platform that is a great way to manage development projects that involve several contributers. Until recently, the private repositories were only for paid accounts. Now, GitHub has allowed us to use private accounts for free. Check out my website: